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What Temi brings to the table

Internet Marketing Expertise: Being formally educated in Internet Marketing at Full Sail University Temi has a rock solid foundation in the space, not a piecemeal patchwork of different tactics you often find with self taught individuals. As a small business owner himself, Temi speaks the language of small to midsize business, understands the legal concerns and brings together additional departments that all have to do with the customer acquisition and retention process.

Educator at heart: Temi is the former inaugural chairperson of The Greater Dayton Real Estate Investors Association’s (GDREIA) Wholesaling Subgroup. This experience got him accustomed to speaking to groups both large and small, while conveying complex topics in an easy to understand style. Whenever possible Temi prefers to use your own analytics and date as the training materials for his sessions. This way, companies are not just learning ideals and platitudes, but learning with their own data, and seeing immediate opportunities for improvement as a result.

Single Day or Two-day Training Programs: The second day can be all training or a mix of training and consulting as needed. Typically, most companies use the second day as breakout sessions for each department, which enables more specialized training.

Bios for use

Below please find both short and long bios of Temi.

Short Bio
Temitayo Osinubi, or Temi for short, is an author, podcaster, and Principal Consultant at Digital Marketing Advisers, a digital agency. Having been both self-taught and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University, Temi has a unique vantage point into the world of Digital Marketing few can lay claim to. He shares insights and interviews thought leaders on the Marketing Disenchanted podcast.
Long Bio

Contact me today: 1 (855) WEB-WORK (932-9675) | TOsinubi at DigitalMarketingAdvisers dot com

Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, culminate in Temi dynamic speaking style! Save for the written word itself, nothing has changed the way we communicate more than the Internet. Mobile provides ever more personal marketing experiences that grow ever more sophisticated. He have a passion for helping business owners leverage untapped digital resources.

Temi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University. Through coursework he’s developed a strong understanding of all things digital marketing with an emphasis on mobile marketing. He also has experience in managing interactive, digital and mobile programs of various complexities.

Temi strikes a delicate balance between candor and humor that is engaging and hard to beat. He brings the trained eye and investor’s mindset to Internet Marketing, making his uniquely suited to spot opportunities and leverage the power of the Internet. A 2015 graduate from Full Sail University’s Internet Marketing Bachelor’s program, Mr. Osinubi is a consummate professional with a track record of success.

By taking a professional approach to Internet marketing and a passion for staying ahead of the curve Temi is uniquely positioned to provide a superior online presence that positively impacts your bottom line, so you get back to doing what you do best.

Contact me: TOsinubi at DigitalMarketingAdvisers dot com | 1 (855) WEB-WORK (932-9675)

Specialties include: Google Adwords Certification | Mobile Marketing | Video Marketing | Web Analytics | PPC | SEO | SEM | Display Advertising | Social Media Strategist | E-mail Marketing | Inbound Marketing and Strategic Planning.